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Operation Agony Relief IV
Operation Agony Relief is run by Safe Harbor International Relief. The intent is to bring relief to the war torn Southern Sudan, while also preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Operation Agony Relief IV was the fourth mission to bring in supplies, and was made from October 18-31, 1998.

This trip was a joyful one since it saw the fruit of the previous three missions. During Agony Relief III, during August / September 1998, several people died each day due to starvation, disease, and combat wounds. In just a few weeks God had changed the situation. While people were still in deparate need of food and medical attention, not one person died during the fourth mission. This was due in part to the efforts of organizations like Safe Harbor, World Vision and the United Nations. But even more so by the change in the people due to their growing faith in Christ. The Christian body which had grown significantly through the evangelistic outreaches of the previous missions. While physical food helped sustain their body, the Bread of Life changed their spirits. They met the team at the air strip singing songs of praise to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Following are a few pictures of the trip, but they cannot adequately portray the feeling of it. I feel very privileged that the Lord Jesus allowed me the opportunity to participate. What is so amazing, is how the Lord uses the people to minister to the team. You think that you are going to minister to them, but in effect the Lord does a greater work in your own heart. Please pray for the people of Southern Sudan.

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