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Team Africa

Safe Harbor's operations in Africa require that a group of individuals are based in Africa (base camp) to oversee operations, prepare for incoming team members, and a lot of logistical tasks. In addition, they do their very best to make the team as comfortable as possible as for many of us this is our first time in this type of culture. They are an integral part of the team and a blessing to the incoming team members. As you read this, say a prayer to the Lord for their safety. They live in a place that holds much danger for Christians who are willing to share the gospel to the Sudanese people.


Pastor Richard and his wife, Dee Ann (photo below), are the directors of operations for Safe Harbor in Africa. Here is Richard with us in Tonj.

Dee, Tony and Hilda

Dee Ann along with Tony and Hilda. Due to the large size of the team for Operation Agony Relief IV, Tony and Hilda came from the States to assist at base camp, during the mission. For security purposes, much of what they do cannot be said here. Dee Ann, with the assistance of the other members of the base camp team, would keep our families informed by email of the progress of the team and to give encouragement through the Word to those who are at home praying for their loved ones. After returning home, I discovered how important this communication was to those back home. Most of my family and friends who received this daily email, couldn't wait to see it in their inbox.

Ruth and Yassir

At the farewell dinner are Ruth, Tony, Pastor Gary, Yassir and Rueben. Ruth and Yassir are part of the African operations assisting Richard and Dee Ann.


Sebit, a Sudanese refugee, who is an invaluable help to the mission team as our main translator and to help us understand the local culture. Sebit returns to his home land with each mission to bring the gospel to his people. He is a dear brother in the Lord. Sebit is learning to play the guitar so that in future missions he can minister worship to the people in the Dinka language.

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