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Messages by Pastor Chuck Smith

Following are selected works from Pastor Chuck Smith, founder of the Calvary Chapel movement, has been Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa for over 35 years. I attended Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for over 20 years through 1998. Pastor Chuck's gift of teaching, by the power of the Holy Spirit, left an indelible impact on my spiritual walk with the Lord. Thanks to the Pastor Chuck, the Smith family and The Word For Today for permission to make such works available.

Answers For Today:

What Is Man?

God's Refining Process

The Rapture!

What Does God Require of Me?

Return To Your First Love

God's Plan For The Ages

Our Glorious Gospel

The More Sure Word

Study Guides:

Study Guide on Daniel

Study Guide on the Sermon on the Mount

Study Guide on Romans

Study Guide on the Holy Spirit

Other Works:


The Claims of Christ

Real Audio:

Prophecy Series (7-part) from 1991:
    1. Understanding the Future [14k] [28k]
    2. The Coming World Leader [14k] [28k]
    3. Israel In Prophecy [14k] [28k]
    4. Babylon: The Pieces Begin To Fit [14k] [28k]
    5. The Rapture of the Church [14k] [28k]
    6. The Great Tribulation [14k] [28k]
    7. The Kingdom Age [14k] [28k]

The Unpardonable Sin (from Matthew 12:22-32)  [28k]

The Messiah the Prince [14k] [28k]

The Living Hope [14k] [28k]

A Stone Over The Door [14k] [28k]

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