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Messianic Prophecies and Fulfillments
The study of scripture which prophecies of Jesus Christ is one of the greatest assurances of His identity and His mission. There are over 300 prophecies in the Old Testament about the Messiah. Following are a handful that can be used to show His identity as that Messiah. The mathematical probablility of Jesus's fulfillment of only half of these shown here (much less the 300+ in total) is such that you can be more sure that Jesus is the Messiah than you can be that you are you!

Messianic Prophecies and Fulfillments
Description  Old Testament
New Testament
Messiah to be the offspring of a woman Gen 3:15 Luke 2:4-11
Gal 4:4
Messiah to be the offspring of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Gen 17:19
Num 24:17
Luke 3:34
Mat 1:2
Messiah to be born in Bethlehem Mic 5:2 Mat 2:1-6
Luke 2:1-20
Messiah was to be born of a virgin Isa 7:14 Mat 1:18-25
Luke 1:26-38
Messiah was to be a prophet like Moses Deu 18:15-19 Jhn 7:40
Messiah was to enter Jerusalem in triumph Zec 9:9 Mat 21:1-9
Jhn 12:12-16
Messiah was to be rejected by His own people Isa 53:1,3
Psa 118:22
Mat 26:3-4
Jhn 12:37-43
Acts 4:1-12
Messiah was to be betrayed by one of His followers Psa 41:9 Mat 26:14-16
Mat 26:47-50
Luke 22:19-23
Messiah was to be tried and condemned Isa 53:8 Luke 23:1-25
Mat 27:1-2
Messiah was to be silent before His accusers Isa 53:7 Mat 27:12-14
Mark 15:3-4
Luke 23:8-10
Messiah was to be struck and spat on by His enemies Isa 50:6 Mat 26:67
Mat 27:30
Mark 14:65
Messiah was to be mocked and insulted Psa 22:7-8 Mat 27:39-44
Luke 23:11
Luke 23:35
Messiah was to die by crucifixion Psa 22:14-17 Mat 27:31
Mark 15:20
Mark 15:25
Messiah was to suffer with criminals and pray for His enemies Isa 53:12 Mat 27:38
Mark 15:27-28
Luke 23:32-34
Messiah was to be given vinegar and gall Psa 69:21 Mat 27:34
Jhn 19:28-30
Others were to cast lots for the Messiah's garments Psa 22:18 Mat 27:35
Jhn 19:23-24
Messiah's bones were not to be broken Exo 12:46 Jhn 19:31-36
Messiah was to die as a sacrifice for sin Isa 53:5-12 Jhn 1:29
Jhn 11:49-52
Acts 10:43
Acts 13:38-39
Messiah was to be raised from the dead Psa 16:10 Acts 2:22-32
Mat 28:1-10
Messiah is now at God's right hand Psa 110:1 Mark 16:19
Luke 24:50-51

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  Life Application Bible, by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.,
  Thompson Chain Reference Bible, by The B.B. Kirkbride Bible Company, Inc.

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