Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Messages by Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer

Lewis Sperry Chafer D.D., Litt.D., Th.D., (1871-1952) was ordained in 1900 and was a traveling evangelist until 1914. He taught the Bible at the Philadelphia School of the Bible from 1914 - 1924. In 1924, he founded the Dallas Theological Seminary and served until his death as its first President and as Professor of Systematic Theology. He was internationally known as a Bible teacher and lecturer. Following are a couple of his works about God's tremedous grace.


Assurance of Salvation explains how those of us who know the Lord Jesus Christ can be assured of His grace towards us.

The Riches of Grace in Christ Jesus outlines 33 stupendous works of God occurring instantaneously in the believer upon acceptance of His salvation!